Case Study: Business-to-Business

The Problem

Our client operates in a service sector selling a premium service to a range of customers across a variety of business sectors. After a number of years of fast growth this client had stalled and was uncertain as to the cause of this. We were brought in to assess their current positioning, evaluate growth potential in different market sectors, and lead development of a strategy to re-start strong growth.

The Solution

Market mapping and work with internal client teams identified two major issues:

  • a lack of clarity surrounding customer targeting, leading to considerable wasted effort attempting to sell to low-potential customers and business sectors
  • a lack of executive alignment in respect of the business’ core proposition. In effect, executives disagreed on what their selling proposition should be

Market Mapping enabled our client to identify and focus on a number of customer sectors with significantly higher growth potential for their business – their Growth Sweet Spot. Importantly, it enabled them to understand that in certain sectors competitors were much better positioned than they were, so they avoided those sectors. This immediately released resources to focus against their highest potential opportunities, driving customer acquisition.

Having identified their Growth Sweet Spot, we engaged with client teams to develop and validate an autopilot proposition to maximize their appeal in their highest potential categories.

The results for this business were game-changing. Not only in terms of the clarity and focus of their commercial efforts, but in securing a renewed alignment and collaborative approach across their senior executive team.

"They have enabled us to identify the markets where we have the best chance of growing significantly, and helped us understand how to ‘sell’ ourselves more effectively there. This focus is incredibly valuable for us”.

CEO - Business-to-Business