Case Study: B2B Technology

The Challenge

Our client was an established player in a large tech sector seeking to leverage innovative technology into the launch of a major new brand.

Our Approach

The key challenge for this client was to turn indisputably superior technology into a proposition meaningful enough for customers and differentiated enough from competitors to enable the business to support the launch of a new brand.

We used our Growth Hothouse Programme of detailed client/competitor audits, interactive workshops with the full executive team and focused ‘invention’ sessions with sub-groups of technologists and sales/marketing personnel to enable the client to identify how their indisputably superior technology could be used to deliver benefits to customers that were genuinely different from/better than what competitors were offering.

This approach enabled the team to adjust their technical specifications towards delivering benefits that were important enough to customers and different enough from competitors to justify the launch of a new brand.

Further, this improved focus enabled the team to recognise the characteristics of potential customers who would most value what the proposition could provide and thus enabled both a much better assessment of the ‘size of the prize’ for the intended new brand and highly accurate targeting of highest-potential customers.


A powerful new Brand Proposition and detailed Growth Strategy.
Our Strategy Activation Workshop was utilised to engage the team and embed the strategic plan in the business.

What They Said

"Having an impartial, critical view of our business was invaluable. The Think Again process was particularly effective because it engaged the whole team. The truth is we had lacked focus before this work, but after it everyone was really clear about the plan and the part they had to play in it. The team is genuinely excited about the plans Andy and Sandy have helped us to develop. A really positive experience that I would highly recommend."

CEO - B2B Technology