Case Study: Fashion Retail

The Challenge

Although a previously successful business, growth had stalled with this medium-sized online and high street fashion retailer. It had been impacted by competition from online competitors, new category entrants and extended offers from supermarket chains. Our brief was to diagnose the weaknesses holding the business back and develop solutions to restore profitable growth trends.

Our Approach

We used our Implicit research tools to map the market, which identified a significant disparity between the customer and shopping occasions the retailer was currently targeting, and its areas of maximum growth potential. In short, it was wasting resources trying to sell to customers with very low propensity for its brand and product offering.


Our work showed how, by isolating and focusing relentlessly on a selected group of shopping occasions with highest potential for their brand, our client could in effect, create a sub-category where its potential for growth was greater than all competitors. This became the client’s new Growth Sweet Spot.

Armed with detailed insights and analysis, we worked with client buying, marketing and stores teams to construct, validate and embed a growth strategy to maximize appeal to the identified Sweet Spot customers.
This work was transformational for our client, not only opening up significant new areas for growth, but also resolving internal conflict on strategic direction and focusing corporate resources in the most productive areas.

category share in Growth Sweet Spot
index for key emotional purchase driver
better brand fit vs next-best competitor

What They Said

“Their blend of impressive commercial expertise and unique research methods has provided us with concrete insight into what motivates our consumers to make a purchase and what are our perceived brand strengths and weaknesses in comparison to our competitors. This has enabled us to confirm, with confidence, our target customer and customer proposition going forward.”

Head of Marketing - Fashion Retail Business