Case Study: Food Retailer

The Challenge

Our client is a major Asian retailer with an offering built around ranges of snack food, drinks and ready-to-eat meal replacement items. Research showed that the retailer had lost authority and a competitive edge in some core product ranges and needed guidance on how to re-establish clear consumer preference in these critical areas.

Our Approach

Our Implicit research tools enabled us to map all food items offered in the core product ranges against both emotional and functional drivers of choice. From this we were able to identify those items which most drove preference and the consumer perception of the retailer as the best place to shop for snack/meal-replacement food.

Having identified the ‘preference-critical’ food items in the core ranges, we were further able to map, and rank, the characteristics that most drove preference for identified food items. This enabled Buying and Product teams to balance characteristics like ‘ingredient quality’, ‘innovation’, ‘taste’ etc. in their development of key food items.


‘Laser-beam’ targeting of the critical food items driving preference in each range, and a detailed understanding of the characteristics which would most drive consumer choice for each item, enabled the client’s Buying and Product teams to embark on a highly focused programme of product and range enhancements.

We also developed, with the client teams, a number of product and marketing initiatives to highlight/showcase the enhancements as they came into stores, starting with a campaign focusing on Dim Sum, which increased sales by more than 50%.

Sales continue to increase significantly across key product ranges.

increase in Dim Sum sales
uplift in store sales
increase in purchase intent post-campaign

What They Said

"Think Again Growth has given us a clarity our business lacked. Their research tools are so powerful - understanding the emotions driving purchase decisions is really hard - but makes such a difference when you understand it. Andy and Sandy also really understand retailing and are able to translate their insights into powerful and practical plans that the teams found easy to get behind."

CEO - Food Retailer