Case Study: PR Company

The Challenge

After many successful years, growth at this long-established PR company had stalled. The new CEO wanted to find a fresh approach which built on the company’s traditional strengths but re-presented these in a way that would differentiate them in a crowded market, would excite and re-engage an experienced management team and would re-ignite profitable growth.

Our Approach

Our Growth Hothouse programme begins with a Growth Audit followed by a full day Strategy Development Workshop. These enabled the team to assess their existing proposition and acknowledge its lack of distinctiveness but also uncovered unique strengths and proprietary processes with the potential to form a powerful and differentiated proposition. From this they were also able to develop a much more accurate sense of which customer groups offered the greatest potential for profitable growth.

Think Again Growth worked these outputs into a draft proposition, customer targeting strategy and high-level strategy for growth and then, via our Strategy Activation Workshop, engaged the team in crafting these elements into a powerful new proposition and a detailed Growth Activation plan.

The resultant strategy enables the business to leverage its areas of greatest strength, to differentiate itself powerfully versus all competitors and to focus its commercial efforts on the customers where potential for profitable growth is greatest.


Step-change in the client’s ability to target highest-potential customers and secure their business. Transformed their successful pitch rate from 20% to winning 9/9 of their pitches following the Growth Hothouse.

What They Said

"Think Again’s approach was incredibly thorough and thought provoking. The Growth Hothouse process brought real clarity to where and how we grow. It has helped us to transform our successful pitch rate and generated a new level of pace and energy in our business. A terrific experience from start to finish."

CEO - PR Company, London