The Growth Director’s Secret

Sustainable growth can be the most important attribute a business has, yet it is commonly the least well-managed area of a business’s operations.

The Growth Director’s Secret, published by Bloomsbury and written by Andy Brent (Founding Partner at Think Again) explains why this is often the case.

The book examines the structural/cultural factors that constrain many conventionally-organised companies. It explores important new insights from decision- and neuroscience research, which reveal near-universal misunderstandings about consumer motivations, shopping behaviour and brand choice.

It illustrates how these flaws lead many businesses to develop bland, undifferentiated consumer propositions and wasteful commercial/marketing plans, which condemn them to year upon year of stagnant growth.

“A growth engine is only as good as the sum of its parts. The Growth Director's Secret illuminates not only the parts, but the recipe for healthy, repeatable success.”

CMO, Belkin International