Our Game-Changing Growth Programme

We have developed a simple, effective, multi-stage programme to identify the best possible commercial proposition for your company to drive transformational growth. However, we recognise that each organisation’s journey or position differs, so we flex our approach to suit the particular needs of your business.

We diagnose where the barriers to growth lie in your organisation and provide well-grounded advice and insight to determine the best solution in your circumstances. Our clients tell us that our stage-gate process gives them greater confidence and control.

Module 1:

Growth Orientation

We conduct detailed neuroscientific research and market mapping to uncover your customers’ emotional and functional purchase drivers. We validate and quantify your Growth Sweet Spot where the potential for transformational growth is greatest.
Module 2:

Growth Proposition

We develop, validate and quantify the potential for the proposition that will secure maximum share of your market. The goal is to secure ‘autopilot’ status and become the automatic preference for Growth Sweet Spot customers.
Module 3:

Growth Activation

We work closely with your team using proprietary tools and detailed briefing materials which provide clear guidance on how to activate the winning proposition with maximum in-market impact to become the autopilot choice.
Our Growth Hothouse is perfect for small to medium businesses, delivering a simple business strategy, clear brand proposition and action plan for growth.
At the core of the Hothouse process is our belief that three fundamentals lie at the heart of all successful growth strategies: Who the highest potential customers or occasions are; What proposition will secure automatic preference among those Sweet Spot customers; and How the organisation focuses on the delivery of that proposition.

What our clients think and say about us

After just one day, I have more clarity about our business and where we’re going, than I have in the last 2 years!

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The approach is so thorough, yet so simple and clear, in output.

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The work has been magnificent and the team love working with you.

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We know where our sweet spot is, we’re really focused and we couldn’t have got there without you.

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You’ve really challenged us, in a positive way to focus on what we’re brilliant at.

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Our new proposition is on a roll… we’ve had 9/9 wins from new pitches!

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Pre- and post-consultancy modules:

Growth Audit / Executive Workshop

This enables you to assess the strength of your current positioning and the degree of strategic alignment among your executive team. This module also familiarises senior management with the neuroscience-based tools that our consultancy programme uses.

Growth Tracking / Growth Coaching

Following the implementation of your growth programme, we can embed tracking studies to monitor your progress versus identified goals. We return to conduct client workshops where we assess the outputs and consider any remedial action required.