through the science of

The Big Growth Mistake

Nobel prize-winner Daniel Kahneman has shown that it is subconscious, emotional, intuitive motivations that compel almost all human decision-making. Most businesses struggle to understand this and this severely limits their ability to influence their customers and grow profitably. We call this The Big Growth Mistake.

Building effective growth strategy is about understanding how to engage with these subconscious, emotional motivations so that customers choose you… time after time. Our mission is to help our clients understand how to do this and unlock growth.

Emotional Activation

Our approach to brand positioning and growth strategy is rooted in Neuro-Emotive Analytics™, a unique methodology that enables us to understand the subconscious, largely emotional motivations driving decision-making and brand choice. We work with clients to build and bring to market brand propositions and strategies for growth that connect emotionally, ‘win’ rationally and secure ‘default preference’.

We deliver Transformational Growth through the science of Emotional Activation.


Our Clients

We’re proud of the company we keep. Our clients range from multinational conglomerates to PE-backed businesses.