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Andrew Brent

Founding Partner

Sandy Groves

Founding Partner

Jonathan Lee

Commercial Director

Skaiste Nish

Chief Client Officer - Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Financial Services

Ragul Premananthan

Business Development Associate

What are we like to work with?

I would go as far as to say that it has been the most important programme we have run in 2020, and certainly the most impactful of any external consultancy engagement to date.

David Rabson - CEO, Acora (PE-backed)

Their insight, creativity and strategic experience were invaluable.

CEO, Nexus

Andy and Sandy brought a significant level of experience, energy and commitment to the process, which left our team highly motivated and focused on the right priorities for growth. Definitely recommended!

CEO, Godliman Partners

Our project with Think Again Growth was the best experience of working with consultants that I have had.

CEO, Bridge Leisure Group (PE-backed)

They have engaged very well with the team and have left us with a very strong plan to relaunch our business and accelerate growth in the UK and International markets.

CEO, Trend Networks (PE-backed)

Sandy and Andy quickly understood the dynamics of our leadership team. They supported, challenged, provided focus and where necessary, held us to account.

Sales Director, ZyroFisher (PE-backed)