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You may need to start from the ground up, build on existing foundations or just focus on a key element that’s holding you back. Wherever you are in your journey, we can help. We use the deep understanding of customers’ motivations that our proprietary methodologies give us to create…

Strategy Development

Our unique Neuro-Emotive Analytics and 3-D Market Mapping methodology enable us to identify highest-potential customer groups, understand their key motivations and assess perceptions of client brands. We work collaboratively with client teams to build strategies to target their highest potential customers with propositions that connect emotionally, ‘win’ rationally and secure the default preference that is the key to sustained, profitable growth.

Brand/Business Positioning

Key to sustained, profitable growth is positioning your brand or business in a way which differentiates it clearly from competitors and maximises appeal to highest-potential customer groups. Our neuro-emotive technology enables us to identify the characteristics of a client brand or business which have the greatest potential to differentiate authentically.  We use these insights to develop and bring to market brand and business propositions that connect emotionally, stand out from the pack and drive sustained, profitable growth.

Customer Segmentation

You can’t segment customers by putting them into buckets according to socio or behavioural demographics. Customers make different buying decisions depending on circumstances and our approach to segmentation recognises this. Using our 3-D Market Mapping tool we build segmentation models based on ‘motivational clusters’. We assess your brand’s potential for appeal to each one and develop targeting strategies that maximise commercial focus against your highest-potential customer groups.


We understand that humans buy from brands they feel connected to. We use our understanding of subconscious, emotional motivational drivers to craft messaging and narratives that connect emotionally as well as ‘sell’ rationally. Using our neuro-emotive research techniques we can test and iterate messaging and concepts to accurately predict levels of persuasiveness and purchase intent.


Whether you want to refresh your brand, take it in a whole new direction or track brand performance, the key is to create an emotional connection between your brand and its target customers. Our neuro-emotive methodology enables us to understand the subconscious, emotional motivations driving your customers and we use these insights to create the emotional connections that lie behind the greatest brands. We also create branding and creative toolkits to ensure your brand communications always connect emotionally and deliver maximum in-market impact.

B2B Growth Strategy

Our Growth Hothouse programme has been developed specifically to bring our understanding of the subconscious motivations driving customer decision-making to SMB and PE-backed businesses. We help our clients build propositions that differentiate powerfully, connect emotionally and secure preference with their target customers. We translate strategy into sales through detailed go-to-market Activation Plans that focus commercial efforts on the highest potential clients and embed the proposition in their business and the market, with maximum growth impact.

The Growth Hothouse programme is fast – it can be delivered within four to six weeks. It is highly collaborative and consistently delivers very significant sales results.

Quote mark

We worked with Andrew and Sandy at Think Again who delivered the Growth Hothouse for Acora.

I would go as far as to say that it has been the most important programme we have run in 2020, and certainly the most impactful of any external consultancy engagement to date.

David Rabson
Acora CEO

New Product Development

Our unique neuro-emotive research methodologies enable us to take the guesswork out of new product development planning. Our teams use neuro-emotive insights to identify the highest-opportunity gaps in the market and to craft positioning for new initiatives to maximise their customer appeal. Our neuroscience-based NPD tools measure stretch potential and likely purchase intent at a far more accurate level than is possible using conventional research methods, giving you the confidence to build unprecedented levels of certainty into your NPD planning.

Team Engagement

True employee engagement is a function of how emotionally connected your employees feel to your business. Such engagement cannot be measured using conventional employee satisfaction tracking techniques – our neuro-emotive methodology enables us to do this. Using our neuroscience-based Employee Connective Resonance (ECR) tracker, we can monitor emotional connection with your business over time and identify the key emotional and functional motivators that will most effectively improve levels of satisfaction and engagement amongst your employees.