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Igniting your thoughts with our Growth Grenade videos


The Differentiation Dilemma

Explains the critical importance of standing out from the pack and how to differentiate your business in a way which is authentic, relevant and compellingly attractive to your target customers.


The Magic Moments

In every market a small number of emotionally-important usage moments determine customer preference and brand choice. How can your business identify these moments and leverage this knowledge to drive growth?


The Business Blindfold

Almost all human decision-making is done by our subconscious ‘System 1’ brain. Yet almost all businesses depend on research tools that can only connect with the conscious ‘System 2’. How do you overcome this problem?


Your Growth Superpower

Growth is tough. Yet most businesses fail to recognise that they possess a (usually latent) ‘Superpower’ which, if activated, can turbo-charge their growth efforts. Learn how to discover your business’ Superpower…


Permission to Sell

Humans are hard-wired to resist attempts to ‘sell’ to them. How do you secure the ‘Permission to Sell’ which will make your target customers more open to listening and more responsive to your sales & marketing efforts?


Farmers vs Predatory Hunters

Over time, most businesses lose sight of who their highest-potential customers are and depend on ‘farming’ contacts to drive sales. To win, your sales organisation must transform from ‘farmers’ to ‘predatory hunters’.


Neuroscience & The Big Growth Mistake

Relevant Books   Thinking, Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman The Growth Director’s Secret Andy Brent    


Using Neuroscience and ‘Magic Moments’ to Maximise Marketing Impact

I’d like to invite you to a virtual event exclusively for Consumer/Retail CMOs and Marketing Leaders where we’ll explore how a single, subconscious moment can determine if your marketing strategy and spend delivers or not.


Growth Summit at Nottingham Trent University

Think Again Growth co-founders Andy Brent and Sandy Groves discuss the challenges of profitable growth with business leaders and members of the Nottingham Trent University’s Business School Executive MBA Course.


Are you blindfolded when developing strategy?

The fundamental flaw in the tools businesses use to understand their consumers – and why removing the blindfold is essential to delivering sustained, profitable growth.


What Jacob Rees-Mogg needs to learn about decision science

Politicians – like brand marketers – have one basic task: to persuade us to prefer their offer over all the alternatives.


Win at the Moment of Maximum Emotional Engagement

The secret moments that determine consumer purchasing decisions and drive brand choice – and why so many companies miss them