Driving growth demands
and a different approach

Our proprietary Neuro-Emotive Analytics™ methodology and application of Implicit research technologies enables us to identify and assess the subconscious, emotional motivations driving choice with customers. This can’t be matched with conventional research tools and allows us to build and activate propositions, which connect emotionally, ‘win’ rationally and secure default preference – time after time. Here’s how we do it…

Emotionally-Activating Execution

We work with client teams to build and embed plans to activate the Autopilot Proposition™ and drive accelerated growth. Plans cover commercial areas from Offer Development to Sales Strategy and Planning to Marketing Communications.

3-D Market Mapping

Using our neuro-emotive methodology we map markets in three dimensions to understand the emotional and functional motivations driving choice and to identify the occasions when those motivators matter most.

Moments of Maximum Emotional Engagement

Customer preference is secured by connecting your brand to the moments when performance of your product/service matters most. We identify those moments and help you to build propositions to ‘win’ there.

Connective Resonance

Our neuro-emotive methodologies enable us to measure the subconscious, emotional connection between brands and consumers. This Connective Resonance™ metric is used to assess and guide positioning, new product ideas, marketing messaging etc. A Connective Resonance™ Tracker can be embedded to monitor customers’ emotional connection over time.

Autopilot Proposition

Our deep understanding of the subconscious drivers of choice enable us to build propositions that connect emotionally, ‘win’ rationally and secure ‘default preference’ – we call this an ‘Autopilot Proposition’.