Case Study: Professional Services

The Challenge

This medium-sized business, growing fast in its home market, had aspirations to expand across Asia but needed help on targeting its growth efforts, building a cost-effective organisational structure to facilitate this and enabling other senior leaders to share the burden of client acquisition with a high-profile and highly skilled CEO.

Our Approach

Our Growth Hothouse programme focused the team on working two priority areas: i) defining the core proposition in terms that relied less on the CEO’s expertise and reputation ii) identifying priority markets and agreeing an organisation structure that would support fast regional expansion without over-committing on its costs.


The Hothouse programme enabled the team to define the core elements of their equity which could be delivered with or without the CEO’s involvement and built these into a powerful and strongly branded commercial proposition which any senior leader could deliver successfully.

Importantly, the programme also enabled the team to define the characteristics of their highest-potential clients and then to target their pan-Asian growth efforts to locations where customers with this profile were clustered.

Finally, we guided the team to agree a pan-Asian organisation structure which leveraged the strengths and experience in their ‘home market’ team but facilitated highly effective commercial operations in highest-potential markets across the region.

We left the business with a detailed strategy for pan-Asian growth fully aligned across the client organisation.

What They Said

"The Growth Hothouse was an excellent program that enabled us to clearly define which potential clients we should be actively engaging with. The sessions were challenging, fast-moving and involved our whole team. The holistic and multi-faceted Growth Strategy that has emerged is a powerful tool for our business. Overall a fabulous experience."

CEO - Professional Services