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CEO and CMO Discussion Group – Using Neuroscience to gain ‘Permission to Sell’ and how to avoid trying to sell to customers who are hardwired not to listen

23rd of November 2021 8am-9am EST/1pm-2pm GMT/8pm to 9pm HKT

Most businesses waste a lot of money selling to customers who are neurologically primed to ignore their advances.

Andy Brent, former CMO of Barclays, Boots and Sky and co-founder of neuroscience consultancy Think Again Growth will explain how organisations need to first connect emotionally and then present their proposition.

He will cover –

  • How your customers’ default setting is not to be sold to and how this helps us manage the complexity of our lives
  • How our stubbornness is exacerbated when the attempt to change our minds is done through a purely rational way
  • That buyers only notice a few brands and how this underpins their loyalty
  • Which politicians have been able to connect emotionally and which haven’t
  • Businesses examples where this has been done successfully – The John Lewis Christmas Ad, Boots’s beauty business, Felix, Coca Cola and McDonalds
  • How an understanding of your customer’s emotional goal territory and key emotional moments are key to building an ‘Autopilot Proposition’.

Click RSVP and we’ll confirm your attendance with a Zoom invitation. Spaces are limited to facilitate an open and productive discussion.

If the timing’s not right for you, get in touch and we’d be happy to talk you through the highlights!

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