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Using Neuroscience and ‘Magic Moments’ to Maximise Marketing Impact

If you’re a Consumer/Retail CMO or Senior Marketing Leader, then join our virtual event where we’ll explore how a single, subconscious moment can determine if your marketing strategy and spend delivers or not.



Almost all customer purchase and brand preference decisions are driven by a tiny number of critically-important usage moments. Moments when your customers attach disproportionate emotional importance to your product or service’s performance. Neuroscience shows how our subconscious decision-making processes guide us to choose the brands we think will best satisfy our needs at these crucial ‘MEE Moments’ (Moments of Maximum Emotional Engagement).

Using Neuroscience and ‘Magic Moments’ to Maximise Marketing Impact
27th January 2022 from 08:00 – 08:45 GMT

Discover how to spot MEE Moments and, critically, how to build brand propositions and advertising campaigns to engage emotionally at these MEE Moments to secure the default preference that drives growth.

Andy Brent, former CMO of Boots, Sky and Barclays and co-founder of neuroscience-based strategy consultancy Think Again Growth will discuss:

  • How to avoid The Big Growth Mistake that almost all businesses make in failing to fully understand customer decision-making
  • The Brain Science Behind Growth and how to tap into the subconscious, emotional, intuitive motivators of purchase
  • How to identify and exploit the Magic Moments which Drive Growth and brand preference – and examples of brands who have leveraged this to grow spectacularly
  • How to Build ‘Autopilot Messaging’ to position your brand and craft advertising messaging to connect at the moments when it matters most

Click RSVP and we’ll confirm your attendance with a Zoom invitation. Spaces are limited to facilitate an open and productive discussion.

If the timing’s not right for you, get in touch and we’d be happy to talk you through the highlights!


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