In 2002 Daniel Kahneman received the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences for breakthroughs in understanding how our brains work. Amongst other things, his work revealed that 90 – 95% of all the purchase decisions we make are determined by the sub-conscious part of our brain. These decisions are driven primarily by intuitive and emotional factors rather than rational ones.

Conventional Research Doesn’t Cut It

Conventional research connects only with the conscious part of our brain and assumes a predominantly rational decision-making process. Since the vast majority of decisions are made subconsciously and driven by intuitive and emotional factors, much conventional research is misleading or just plain wrong.

Practical application

Uniquely, the Think Again programme provides a practical application of Daniel Kahneman’s findings, using neuroscience-based research, market mapping and behavioral insights tools that connect with the sub-conscious processes that drive 95% of our decision-making.
This gives our Game-Changing Growth Programme a depth of insight and a degree of accuracy simply not available using conventional research tools.
Our tools have been used by many of the biggest consumer companies in the world, and our consultants understand how to use these deep insights to develop and embed strategies to deliver transformational growth for our clients.